Internationella recensioner av Omgiven av Idioter


[Surrounded by Idiots] is not a serious psychological piece, but a light and entertaining book about how you can get along with different kinds of people.
Johanna Hellsten, Rakentaja

If you feel that you are surrounded by idiots, you should read the book from a Swedish consultant Thomas Erikson. It is a cheerful and educational piece of work.
Johanna Hellsten, Rakentaja

This book has been made for our time characterised by conflicts.
Tiede (=Science)

Surrounded by Idiots is suits brilliantly for all people interacting with other people and especially for people in executive positions. Erikson´s writing is easy to access, and he uses a lot of examples from daily life, that demonstrate well the blue, the red, the green and the yellow ways of action.
Sivistyksensivuraiteilla -blog

Erikson´s model is clever and simple summary of behavioral models. It is easy and entertaining to use in daily life and very useful. This is why I don´t wonder the book´s success anymore. Recommendable to read.
Kulttuuri kukoistaa -blog

I recommend this book for executives and sales persons. And of course to everybody, that want to understand better their colleague, spouse or friend. Let´s remember that different types of people will complete each other and a community needs everyone of them. -blog

I find this book very good. I recommend this book for everyone that want to understand better people around them. But especially I recommend this book for those who think the others are idiots.
Elämän keskivaiheilla -blog


A detailed essay rich in advices and anectodes. The perfect gift for a friend starting a new job or to flip through every time you don’t understand people around you.
Donna Moderna

An easy method to better undestand yourself and other people.


‘You don’t have to be a life coach to read Surrounded by Idiots. It really works, try it for yourself!’
Zin Magazine

Surrounded by Idiots by Thomas Erikson is a practical book that can really strengthen your communication skills.


The best book I’ve ever translated. Such a pleasure to read and learn more on how to communicate with people around you that you usually can’t get along with.
Martina Šturcelová